What is Elliott doing?

Elliott is pursuing multiple paths to ensure Hitachi acts in the best interests of all shareholders:  

  • Elliott wrote letters to Hitachi on November 6th 2015 and on January 11th 2017 in an effort to engage in constructive dialogue; both remain unanswered  - EAUK letter to Hitachi (061115) and EAUK letter to Hitachi in English (110117) and Japanese (110117)).

  • Elliott presented a slate of alternative directors at the most recent AGM on May 13th 2015 (view Minutes of AGM) and from which slate 3 individuals were elected as directors. The slate of alternative directors proposed by Elliott received near unanimous support from minority shareholders (i.e. from all shareholders other than Hitachi).  Elliott trusts these Board Members to carry out an essential work overseeing Hitachi’s actions to ensure those are taken in the interests of all shareholders. 

  • Elliott has written a number of letters to the body of Statutory Auditors of STS ("Collegio Sindacale") asking to investigate and/or clarify a number of matters affecting the corporate governance of STS and the good functioning of the business.  The requests were made in relation to a wide range of topics including possible conflicts of interests of certain directors of STS to the independence requirements of others; the creation and composition of the company’s board committees (i.e. related parties committee, control and risk committee and bid committee); the appointment of Mr. Barr as CEO of STS; the termination of the employment relationship with STS’s CFO, and the resignation of STS’s external auditors (view EAUK letters to the Collegio Sindacale dated 9th April 2016 and 23rd November 2016 and to both the Collegio Sindacale and CONSOB dated 14th June 2016).

  • Various court proceedings are being brought against Hitachi in Italy by a number of minority shareholders (including Elliott):
    • At TAR ("Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale"), Amber, Bluebell and Elliott are claiming collusion to be much greater than EUR 32 million (or EUR 40 cents per share) as determined by CONSOB and asking for the annulment of CONSOB’s ruling;
    • At the Civil Court of Genoa there is an ongoing lawsuit between Elliott and Hitachi in which Elliott is seeking, amongst other things (i) the annulment of the deliberations made at STS’ shareholders’ Annual General Meeting (13th May 2016) with the favourable votes of Hitachi, including the appointment of a new board of directors at STS, and (ii) the freezing of Hitachi’s voting rights in Ansaldo STS.
  • Elliott has written several letters to CONSOB, repeatedly asking the market watchdog to investigate certain actions by Hitachi, which in Elliott’s opinion involved both dubious corporate governance practices as well as an aggressive interpretation of financial market rules (view EAUK letters to CONSOB dated 30th October 2015, 14th June 2016 and 21st July 2016). 


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